Hespeler Cougars CARE ~ our positive code of conduct

The following Code of Behaviour consists of two parts: our “Cougar Paws” and our Respect Circle. This Code of Behaviour will be taught to all students at school, and will be followed consistently to ensure a positive and safe school environment. Classes will be writing their own classroom contract, specific to that classroom, but still following the Hespeler Code of Behaviour. Thank you for reviewing this Code and supporting its use. Our positive behaviour code has been framed as “Cougars CARE.” Posters are mounted in each classroom throughout the school, and the C.A.R.E. (cooperation, accountability, respect, empathy) paws are foundational as a guideline for accountable talk with students and staff.

The Respect Circle is a visual, step-by-step way of modeling, teaching, and supporting positive behaviour in our school. It facilitates common behaviour expectations, a common language (Rehearse, Redo, Remove, Review, Reflect), and a common approach when supporting students. This model also dovetails with the Waterloo Region District School Board’s mandates of Progressive Discipline, the Safe Schools Act, and Character Development.

Working in tandem with our school-wide Respect Circle, each classroom teacher will develop Classroom Agreements that complement and reinforce our school-wide C.A.R.E. goals. With mutual respect as the foundation, we look forward to creating an affirmative and dynamic learning environment for everyone at Hespeler P.S.! Try this at home! Using the Respect Circle steps with your family strengthens home and school connections.

Respect Circle – HPS

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