Cadets,we honor you.     


We honor you.

From Generals to Soldiers;

Navy Captains and weapon holders.

Everyone in our land,

Who helped protect both poor and grand.

We honor people of our world,

Whom fought in tragic wars of which they heard.

Nurses are in your aid,

Though your wounds show you are not afraid.

You gave up your life amongst the free,

To defend both you and me.

As bombs silently fly through the night,

You stand prepared,

Guns clutched tight.

You fight for peace,

Not for war.

As our country stands,

Barely torn.

You protect our home and distant lands.

With facing the shadow of more demands.

Along the way you’ve had many losses,

Which you stand to remember,

In a field of crosses.

Despite all you’ve been through,

The hard and the rough,

We proudly respect those strong and tough.


We honor you.



Remembrance wreath by Gr 2 students in Rm 4